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Beijing Unison Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd. Founded in 2010. The company is committed to the new energy vehicle drive motor controller and auxiliary motor controller research and development and production and market development.

R & Daspects

High-speed electric vehicle controller: Performance Growth Point • A new generation of distributed vehicle-mounted high-power charging and discharge Motors was developed using cascading and magnetic coupling technology to break through the bottleneck of new energy vehicle technology with subversive innovation technology. Currently, it is in the test stage of the vehicle factory and will contribute to the future. Billion yuan income.

Low-speed electric vehicle controller: cornerstone business • The company is the second largest supplier of controllers in the low-speed vehicle market. It has R&D, production, and after-sale systems. It has a stable customer base for vehicle manufacturers and has a strong influence in the low-speed vehicle controller market., contributed to the company's stable growth performance, It is the basis for other business development.

Storage logistics vehicle controller: committed to engineering vehicle motor and electrical control system design and development and market services. The company has walking control, hydraulic control, steering control and other vehicle solutions, suitable for storage forklifts, balanced forklifts, sightseeing vehicles, sanitation vehicles, trailers and other engineering vehicles.